MG Limited has specialized in MG repair and restoration for over 35 years.  We have built a reputation as the best in the business. Everything from an oil change or a new soft-top all the way to a rebuild or restoration, we've got you covered.

We pride ourselves on doing the job right.  We get to know our customers and treat them with respect.  If you just need some basic service, such as a tune-up or emissions check, why go to a shop that works on an MG once a year. We have the knowledge and tools to make sure your maintenance is done right.  If you need carbeurator adjustments or a complete engine overhaul, we will make sure you leave our shop satisfied with our work. 

We can suggest upgrades and improvements to your MG that only 35 years of experience can provide.  Import shops specialize in the exotic market, we do nothing but focus on MGB's.

Please visit our restoration page for more information about restoring your car or purchasing a "better than new" car.

Custom F-Production Race Parts:
Brake Box Installed
Brake Box
2" Intake Manifolds
Bronze Distributor Drive Gears
Crank Fired Ignition
Competition Crank Shaft
Competition Oil Pan - 6 qt
1" lowered spindle
Flat Velocity Stack Carbs Racing Clutch

Some of our unique stock MGB Parts:

Rebuilt Shocks
Yellow Zinc Brake Master
Rebuilt Starter
Yellow Zinc Door Latches
Rebuilt Smog Pump